I was super excited to shoot the perigee moon, but we were 100% socked in with clouds. I'll take one more peek out before bed, but we DEEp under cloud cover. I'm looking forward to to some great shots.
I'm going to try to get myself organised to be out early this evening. Its best caught close to the horizon where the earth's atmosphere (and pollutants in it) tend to magnify the size. The Photographer's Ephemeris has told me its coming up at just after 5pm tonight (AEST - Sunday) and just after 6pm tomorrow night. Now is the time I wish I owned a "Bigma". Instead, it will be the K-5, DA55-300, a tripod, and a lot of cropping.
Supermoon in the clouds

My efforts. Not very crisp, but thats to be expected, all shots are close to the horizon and thus affected by atmospherics and pollution.

Lovely, nevertheless.

I was having trouble coaxing any detail out of the moon playing peekaboo in the clouds, so I reverted to the film grain setting on the FX150 for a retro "get my film to Saigon" look.

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Not taken with a SeriousCompact but I doubt that the 28mm GRD would have given a similar image.


I'm still not sure on the processing I usually wait a few days/weeks before posting an image to let it sink in. I'm debating the WB and the amount of clarity mostly, the bluer than actual WB gives it more of a night setting making the Moon more natural, and I may have pushed the clarity up to much but it was fairly hazy at sunset and with the tele-lens you need to bring out some sharpness. But when the topic is hot you have just post what you've got;)