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I have some old 35mm color slides from the early 50's that have this look now. Its family stuff and I am amazed and happy that the slides still exist...that world certainly doesn't!


Hmm, I suppose when I said I wouldn't try it for a second time, I really meant a third time ... I have to admit I went to the trouble of using the same method on another roll, but this time developing it myself in black & white chemistry ... I'd wondered, given how redscale exposure takes place, whether I might thereby get a bit of a pseudo "infrared" effect ... it wasn't fabulously successful, but these two give a flavour of what I was after ... however, I really don't expect I'll try again ... not now I've bought some infrared film anyway :)


20120907-1 by _loupe, on Flickr


20120907-1-3 by _loupe, on Flickr



there's a couple more on my Flickr stream Bill, but I don't consider the rest of the two rolls I did worthy of making public ... it was just a bit of fun with some £land flim really


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A friend made some redscale for me, developers messed it up ended up with zilch. I felt bad because he did that to replace the roll I sent him [his lab chopped up the negatives]. Anyway, like your results. Have some infrared film myself I should be using too.
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What a great thread! Loving the images. Film used to be SO common but it's the stuff of legend now and hard to replicate properly in software. Keep it up!!

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