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I've been having a lot of fun with the NEX3 + fisheye. I made a review-type video posted below (with some sample shots at the end of the video). I'm not good at these review type videos, and don't really do them, but I wanted to show the Fisheye, and how easy it is to use, and explaining in print is too much work, so here's a quick video/review.


And here's my earlier posted video of a NEX3 video shot with the fisheye:


On a side note: I tried the Sony 18-200mm at a Sony Style store, and the AF was not great. Wracked through the entire focus range to catch focus. Couple of seconds to lock on. Therefore, for me, the NEX is strictly a wide angle to maybe normal range camera, and right now only for family snaps. I find the EP1 is good for normal to telephoto, and the 5D is for bokeh and portrait. A different tool for each need, I guess.

Hope the video is helpful to folks.

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Interesting lens. I probably wouldn't use it much these days either, but the Nex looks pretty appealing and I might well get one if they came out with a decent prime in the 30-40 (equivalent) range, rather than just the 24 they currently offer.

I LOVE the short second video. Having also raised two daughters, your wife coming in saying something about 'you were supposed to wait for me' and then the lightning quick "Dad did it" in response just about put me on the floor laughing.



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Hi Ray,

Glad the second video gave you chuckle!

I don't think this NEX rig is great for "serious" shooting. I think I prefer my EP1 or 5D for that (depending on the use case), but I actually like the "freedom" of having a goofy, AF camera with the kids. When I carry my EP1, I'm always thinking "where's a good shot" and it drives my wife crazy. For me, the 16mm + FE on the NEX just frees me up to think about the kids and family photos, so I try to take only that camera when we go out as a family. Maybe it's more a mental thing, but the features of the NEX (high speed shooting, FE, tilt LCD) all lend themselves easily to "family fun." That's all I was trying to share in my first (lame) video, that the NEX is good for family shooting.