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The M continues to amaze me. On a whim, and because prices were so low, I picked up the M+22 in August. Since then, I added the excellent 18-55 the 270 EXii flash (with bounce!) and now the Tamron 60mm 2.0 macro. I also got a Freniec grip.

I can also use my full frame 6D lenses on the M, though my two zooms are too big (70-210 and 28-75/2.8), so I limit it to the prime lenses: 50/1.4 and 85/1.8. I like the output of the 85 especially, and can use the 50 or 85 for faster AF. The 60 macros has a long throw for AF.

Ultra wide and super telephoto (11-22 EF-M and 55-250 STM) are both available for the M, but not what I want to do with this kit.

So, my M kit is:
  • APS-C body
  • 18-55 compact kit zoom
  • 22mm 2.0 wide angle pancake
  • 60mm 2.0 macro
  • Bounce flash

Ignoring the 50 and 85 lenses, because I already own them, the kit cost me about $800, and would cost less than that now, as the two lens kit is cheap (I bought mine piece meal, which cost me more). Both the Tamron and the flash are about $350 of the $800 and useable on other Canon cameras mounts.

Here's the basic M-dedicated kit. Equivalent to FF, that's a fast 35, an 18-55 zoom, and a fast 100/macro/portrait with a bounce flash.

My only 2 niggles are:
1) I do sometimes miss a viewfinder
2) touch screen operation is not that great in winter

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The small-body APS-C mirrorless shooting experience has certainly caught on in Asia, where they are smarter than we are, lol.

Slow to catch on here, unfortunately.

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