More "too late" questions


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Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico
Antonio, are those hand held?
I have a 135 in M42 mount and tried it on my Nex3 once. Composing with it was so wobbly that I haven't used it since:-(
But your results are lovely, will have to try and brace it on something.
They were hand held, but the light was very good, so if I remember correctly I used a fairly high shutter speed. In addition, the subjects were not moving very quickly, if at all. The rhino, lion and owl were certainly not going anywhere fast. The peacock was gracefully walking around, but getting that shot took a few tries.

I think what helps with this particular 135mm is that it really is very light and small, and therefore relatively easy to hand hold, even if the image does jump around a bit in the viewfinder. I think it's a four element lens, and the filter size is 52mm, so that gives you an idea of its size. It's actually smaller than any DSLR normal kit zoom lens that I have tried.




Jul 7, 2010
Use it on the NEX- will give ~4x magnification and some decent speed.

I used a 1000mm F11 on a Nikon FE2. Nice combo. I will try it on the EP2 on the next clear night that I see Jupiter.

fin azvandi

Feb 22, 2012
Hong Kong
I have a Hexanon 135mm to use on m4/3, it's sharp and not too long to use handheld. I used to have a 200mm and that was just too big/heavy to balance well.


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Aug 25, 2010
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Just my opinion

I have used quite a lot of "adapted/legacy" MF lens on M43 cams, (SLR and RF lens)

Once the "novelty" wear off I soon got fed up with using them and the longer the reach the bigger "pain" they are to use.

The only ones I now use on my G1, (gave up using them on my EP-1 long ago), are the 50mm and 35mm RF lens.

I have found the dedicated AF M43 lens to be much better for everything except micro use.

(I have quite a few in really good condition, which I aught to sell!!)


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Apr 23, 2011
Thanks guys. Antonio, you are a legend, my friend! I think, like Luke says, I'll be trying to do stuff like that, just not as well as you! I've sent the OH out tonight so I can play without reproach tonight. I'm supposed to be doing my tax return but everybody needs a little break, right?

I'll try to get some shots with the new lens into the May Prompts.

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