Micro 4/3 Morning: Lightroom3 vs Olympus Jpeg

It seems to me that in LR there's more depth to the colors, however the foreground is also darker. I believe if I had to do a "blind test" as in I didn't know which was which, I'd go for door #1. It has a richer look to me. (Granted, it all depends on our monitors, but let's not go there on this thread.:eek:fftopic:)
Alf I see more shadow detail in the jpeg its also slightly more contrasty
Both are good the LR3 seems more natural if slightly muted
Look on the jpeg image
The RH steel columns the climber
The Bush between the 2 LH columns is brighter

Using the Oly RAW convertor would produce a result near Identical to the (natural setting) camera jpeg

I have found the manufacturers RAW convertors Oly or Pany less ambiguous

However the result that pleases YOU is important