Most serious compact within 250 Euro budget


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A good friend of mine wants to upgrade his compact camera and (of course) I adviced him the LX5, but that was slightly too much beyond his budget.

His applications will be typical family pictures as well as movies of young kids and his wife will for sure only use iA icw out of the camera JPG. Not many hudge prints to be expected, but if only 1 then that one should be good, right? ;-)

What is best?
- I found a Canon S90 (S95 too expensive)
- He looked at the always good Panasonic TZ8 (or ZS5 out side of Europe)
- And in a less quantitative review that was compared (and to be camparable) to Canon SX210
- Or should I advice him the Samsung HZ35W (or WB650), based on:
'Compact Super Zoom' Camera Group Test (Q2 2010) Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review

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Samsung WB2000. An ultra-compact with lots of features, dials, 1080p video, timelapse, 1000fps low-res or 10fps full-res, pictures DURING video and a fast (f/2.4) lens @ 24mm. Probably the best compact-camera secret. €250. Unless you need the reach of the WB650.