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what a drag it is getting old

It ain't no capital crime

Actually, it is. Eventually, for all of us. The only universal capital crime - all countries, all people, politics and money be damned. Getting old will eventually kill you. If you're lucky enough to GET old...

Those guys are wonders of nature. The reason I wouldn't want their lives is that I couldn't have survived into my 30s if I'd lived their lives. I'd have been Brian Jones. Keith in particular is simply amazing - how do you survive into your 70's the way he lived the first 60 or so??? And evidently he's quite the country gentleman at this point. And a recent concert tape was the first time I thought he'd lost a step in his lead playing - I think it was the Hyde Park show from last summer that was on HBO or something. But his rhythm playing and riffing was still spot on... Sucking in the 70's my ass!



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Those guys are wonders of nature...

Wonders of nature? More like "better living through chemistry." That's why Mick Taylor fled for his life after a few years with the band. He was another one who would have ended up like Brian Jones. But it was nice to see him back in this last tour. When the remaining four "real" Stones normally take a bow at the end of a concert - without any other support musicians - Taylor was out there with them to make it five.


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Time was, if you saw a sign for "Rolling Stones plus Support" you could count on hearing another band, now it refers to jockstraps, back braces and zimmer frames... :biggrin:

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