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Trying to shoot a short video on my RX 100, but iMovie on the iMac (El Capitan) won't accept the format (MP4?), and moving it into Mail to send , it is a 15 mb monster.

Is there an easy way to shoot short vids and then send them to friends?


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A little surprised that iMovie won't accept mp4, but there are conversion programs available. I've used one called Any Video Converter (Free) with some success. I've also used Video Shrinker to downsize. For transfers, I use Dropbox to get around the limit on e-mail servers.


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I often will use youtube to share videos with people since they are too big to mail. Load it up and send people links. I think they even have an option to make the videos private to anyone without a link


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The original RX100 shoots AVCHD as well as MP4 and that could be the problem. Not all video editors play nice with AVCHD.

AVCHD VS MP4: What Is the Difference between AVCHD and MP4

Either way, it sounds like video conversion and/or use of a cloud service is warranted in this case. But the truth is, regardless of which method of compression used, most videos need to be very short in order to be sent through traditional e-mail. I'm thinking maybe 5 minutes at most.
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