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Jul 15, 2010
Hi guys, I have basically one lens left to sell and then I am moving on from my Fuji experience.
I will keep my X100 though as a reminder of what a good time I had shooting with the Fuji camera systems.
After my last rip to Italy and using both the Fuji XT1 and the Sony RX1R II, I decided other than a P&S, I want to just stay with one system and one chip, so I have gone full on, into the Sony 42meg chip world, picked up a couple of Sony a7R II bodies and a few Zeiss and Sony lenses. While I will admit I will miss the variety of Fuji lenses they offer I have decided to just bring and shoot with a smaller assortment of lenses and see how it goes.
Enjoy your Fuji equipment, they make some really great stuff
Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Thanks Bob. Fully understand your decision. It all comes down to what is right for you, right now - there is no one answer. Over more than 30 years I have changed systems more than once from Pentax to Contax (THEY left ME) to Leica, with Nikon, then Leica alone, then Fuji with a dalliance with Olympus along the way.

It's your journey and good fortune and good light is the key.

Visit often though, eh? ;)


Apr 4, 2014
Good luck on your photographic gear travels. I took a look at your website. There are some absolutely fabulous images there and I like your style a lot. I'm sure you can make any camera sing!

However, just some feedback - I found that your site crashed my browser a lot. Maybe it's just an Adobe Flash issue?

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