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I have been trying out many different combinations of lenses with the M8 and the M9 over the past few months. I am still learning new "stuff" about these two cameras even though I have had them now for a while. I find the M9 to suitable for a modest wide angle lens, while the M8 is suitable for a long normal lens for portrait and for action photography.

The M9 can "sleep" a little between successive photos, but I am now doing better with a different memory card and also I make sure to always start the day with freshly charged original batteries with the M9. The M8 is more robust towards non-original batteries and also has a quick buffering time between successive photos.

I use the M9 for about 30%-40% of as many photos as I take with the M8 on that same day. The M8 is for back to back photos with (say) the Canon 50/1.2 ltm while I love using the Rokkor-M 28/2.8 on the M9 for some gorgeous looking sharp color images.

The 50/1.2 is also great for pastel colors when used wide open. I take one shot with the M9, and then I let it catch up with life, so to speak, by using the M8 for a few shots.

As I said above; to me, this is a perfect set of cameras. I am thinking ahead for a summer trip, and using a 28mm lens with a 50mm lens offers me some flexibility as I can switch them around between the M8 and the M9.

I just wanted to share with you these thoughts on the "old" M8 and M9 cameras. I have been posting about some lenses with these two cameras, and I find the results to be quite good and pleasing to the eyes. My smugmug website has several folders with images.


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It's very interesting to read about your working with two fine cameras and seemingly getting back in touch with the unique capabilities of your M8. I have often thought myself of procuring an M8 but have decided , for me, that it's drawbacks exceed it's worthiness, at least as a current purchase. It is not even that inexpensive and frankly it's old (like me) with ever increasing likelihood of malfunction and problematic repairs, if even that can happen. Brian has testified that the sensor is high grade, and I believe him. However, in the camera world there are just too many very advanced choices to take a risk with an M8. Now, an MD 262 floats my boat and so does the m240.....just not (quite yet) my pocketbook. I guess I need to sell off some stuff.

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