I've been doing a bit of travel for work purposes in the last month, with it bringing me to Munich last weekend.

I also had an N8, with pics posted elsewhere, , but I simply used it for the offline navigation. I simply typed the destination, put my music on, and it guided me where I needed to go. Got well beyond 22-23 km of walking that day. The first stop was the Olympic Park and Olympia Tower, which allowed me to get some panos. The conditions were quite difficult, including fog, which PP'd out quite well, but resulted in some blowing in one region, but overall, happy with the EX1's results. From there, I saw the BMW World building and BMW Museum, so I couldn't pass that up. PS- both are camera friendly, unlike most places. From there, just kept walking back to the Zentrum to see random things, which aren't quite done in PP.

One is a 360 degree pano, made by roughly 24 RAW files at about 21 megs a piece (SRW is a huge format). Run through LR3 twice, first individually, all settings averaged then copied to the pieces, stitched with Microsoft's free ICE, then back to LR3 for additional work. The original is about 18,500x2,700.

The one of the stadium's tent city area is about 12 photos in total. All angles were quite difficult, as were the sub-freezing conditions, fog, and bright sun.

Hopefully this works:

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betwixt and between
Wow - that view of the stadium is fantastic!!!! :bravo-009: I don't have time right now to go through each one carefully but you did wonderfully - and the Minus site is working wonderfully, as well. I also happen to love your tower shot - love the glow and the deep blues of the sky. Your black and white night shot with all of the light shapes is very interesting, as well. :drinks:


Thanks all. I'm in Frankfurt and visited the Maintower as the first assignment and got some light and dark pics of the city. We'll see when I get back about how good and usable they are.

I'll fill on the details about the above when I'm back. Poster above: can you be more specific about the question then I'll answer as best as I can.