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Great piece Alf. You know, in the recent podcast I talk about the EPL3 and it's flip-up screen a fair amount, but I forgot to make the comparison to how much it reminds me of shooting in the old days with a Twin Lens Reflex. Thank you for mentioning that in the review - it really is a make or break feature to me and it seems many who try it really come to love it. I always felt really comfortable shooting with the camera down near my waist or belly and now even more so with the EPL3.

I really enjoyed the review and your photos, as always.



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Alf, I also really enjoyed reading your review. You have a wonderful writing style which always makes me want to read on...I think much of it is your wit, as well as the way you paint pictures with your words. What can I tell you - between your review and photos and Ray's podcast, I'm finding it very difficult to not wish I had that flip up screen! I'm also blown away by that new lens of yours, I think it's the 48mm? You made a great decision moving forward with this combination and I know you'll be happy with what you have for many years. Looking forward to having more time to enjoy your photos!:drinks:

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