My first trip with the x-pro1


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Today I had my first (short) trip with the x-pro1 and the 18-35-60 lenses in the bag to the Keukenhof in the Netherlands . What a difference from carrying a bag with the D800 and lenses!

We were early and wanted to be out again before the buses with tourists arrived. So we had about an hour. I did not bring my tripod which I regret. Monopod works but it's not ideal.

My primary purpose to become a bit more familiar with the camera. Some impressions:
1. the OVF is a blessing when you're outside and the sun starts to shine.
2. the inability to set a minimum shutter speed is really annoying w/o OIS. However, I could turn that into an advantage by manually selecting aperture and shutterspeed and use auto ISO instead. This was really fun!
3. I am afraid I won’t get used to the location of the AF button. I am so happy that Fuji changed that on the x20. Hopefully Fuji will switch the macro button (which seems to be pretty useless) with the AF button (the feature itself is great; e.g. the D800 only allows to select an AF point in the middle part. We could have the best of 2 worlds if Fuji allowed “smaller AF points” to be selected across the screen with an AF-button located on the right.
4. Using Manual focus combined with the AF/AE button as a starting point works great! I ended up using that most of the time because it allowed me to focus and then not worry about re-focusing when I triggered the shutter. The D800 also allows to use the AF-button to focus and decouple this function from the shutter, which I found to be neat.
5. Bokeh of the primes seem to be better than that of the 18-55mm (especially the 60mm) but it’s still not at par with the Nikon primes I tried with the D800. But the size and weight (and the accuracy of the white balance and colors) easily compensate for that.

All in all, I am very happy with my new x-pro1. Yes, sometimes the camera has difficulty in focusing (especially the 60mm) and, yes. it takes time to become familiar with the camera. But I don’t have problem with that. I am in no hurry. And actually I think it is part of the fun to take some time to build a relationship with the camera.

Anyway, enough talking. Here are some shots taken at the Keukenhof.

Thanks for looking!


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I will post some others in the flowers thread.

I wanted to get that couple on the right:

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The colors are so vibrant!

Glad that you are enjoying your X-PRO1! After looking at your photos, I want to go out and find some flowers to photograph as well!! :D


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Thanks Mikey! Glad you like it.

I prefer using the RAW files as they show more detail. The PP process is simple:
1. Import into LR4.4 with standard preset (highlights -71, shadows +49, clarity +20, vibrance +20, subtle sharpening (amount 50, radius 0.5, detail 41 (default adobe=25-1.0-25)). I used this preset for nikon but I found it to be effective for Fuji, perhaps even more so.
2. Check and occasionally add some contrast in midtones (usually lights +10, darks -10).
3. export to jpeg with 80% quality

Hope this helps.


Stunning shots, especially those with the 60/2.4 macro. :thumbsup: May I ask if these were OOC JPGs or processed from RAW? If you used RAW, what was your workflow? Kudos!

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Gorgeous! I especially liked the windmill with couple on the right in black and white, a really beautiful shot.

You're tempting me with your X-Pro shots!

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