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I've got way too much stuff and even more Fuji gear than I need:

X-T1 (graphite version, brand new, picked up a few months ago)
X100 (original, picked up for a song recently)

Zooms: 18-55 and 55-200

Primes: 14 f/2.8, 18 f/2, 23 f/2, 27 f/2.8, 35 f/1.4, 35 f/2, 50 f/2, 60 f/2.4 macro.

I didn't start out with the goal of owning all of this glass. I just don't seem to sell stuff as I acquire more. Still, it all gets used. The WR primes are used almost exclusively in the XP2. The zooms and bigger, first generation primes usually go on the XT's. The 27 almost exclusively on the X-T20.

I'm thinking about swapping out the XT1 and X-T20 for an X-T2, which would give me one less body.
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I'm feeling pretty good about my setup now. Here's a cell phone snap of the X-T1 + 23mm f2 WR, and the X-T20 + 18mm f2 WR . . . . errrr, that last part is wishful thinking. :D The 50-230 comes out when I need more reach. I gave serious thought to getting another 18-55, but compactness is very high on my list of desired gear attributes. Of all the lenses I've rented over the past few years, the Pentax HD DA 20-40 was magical, right up there with the best I've used from Fuji. The DA 20-40's IQ was good enough that I was almost persuaded to add it to my gear with a Pentax camera . . . almost. However, it's about the same size as the 18-55, and on even a small DSLR like the K30, the package was significantly larger than either of my current combinations. I think Fuji has definitely hit the Goldilocks Zone with regard to size vs IQ.

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Do you remember Adams review of the 16mm? It wasn't his favorite, thats all.

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I really wouldn't want to be without a 24mm equivalent. Back in the dark ages (1979, actually), when I sold my Nikon stuff and bought Olympus OM, I got a 21 and a 28 and carried them both. In the early '80s I got a 24, and it wasn't long before both the 21 and 28 stayed on the shelf. The 24 was the widest lens I carried for many, many years and to many countries on assignment.

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