Leica My Leica Kit - Joining The "Cult"

Many years ago, my law partner handed me his absolute mint Leica IIIF with I believe it was a 50mm Summitar and a 90mm Elmar. He showed me how to load the camera with film and sent me to the conference tourney for the Big 8 b basketball conference championship. He got me great seats in the front row of the arena. I finally got the highest ISO film I could get into the camera after quite a few curse words. My partner knew I had Nikon equipment, much newer such as the Nikon D4 and D5. They were easier to load with film and I was sure that the D4 brought also was so much better. I had the 50mm f 1,4 and a 200 mm f4. It was certainly much easier to shoot the d4. Well, the F4 S was definitely the action winner but the photos of the players during their huddles and meetings had magic with the very old lenses adding their marks on the images. I called It a tie, My partner gave the sweet setup to me and I loaded it one more time and eventually sold it, with the partner's blessing along with a Contax IIIA which was even worse to load with film.
It was nice to have an example of Leica and Contax but if don't use it----I might eventually sell things, But not always--still have two Nikkormat FTNs, Nikon FE, NiknFM a few motor drives, and have a darkroom ready to install but I am too o;d, too tired of the smell of fixer and stop bath. I would vote for digital if I had the money----or if wanted to spend the money.
First camera I was thought of buying as a teenager was Voigtlander Bessa R2A, but I ended up getting a digital point-and-shoot camera instead. At the time I did not know what what was rangefinder, what was SLR.