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Some of you may have remembered a few years back I started a personal project for myself called Sceene In Windows. This project allowed me to explore life and events that were either seen through a window or capturing the events of life with a window in the scene. That project ran for about 9 months before I sunset it. While I no longer contribute images to the blog, it is still active and can be found here: SCEENEINWINDOWS

I've been trying to find a new personal project for some time now. I'd have slivers of an idea from time to time, but nothing that really stuck with me or had any traction. So I took a break from trying so hard to come up with something. One day, I was in review mode and came across a theme from some of my older images and the concept of gesture in photography and art.

From that, my newest project was born - Unique Gestures!

Unique Gestures is going to be my outlet for sharing thoughts and images about gesture. Gesture can be present in anything so it will not just be people, but also inanimate objects as well.

The new site, like SceeneInWindows is free to all, no advertising and just a project for me and a sharable thing for those interested.

Please, feel free to check it out. I'll be pulling images from my archive as well as introducing new shots taken throughout the duration. I usually don't shoot these personal projects for more than a year, but sometimes they are shorter if the process runs its course sooner.

Please feel free to check out the grand opening of the blog and the very first post - Leaning Walnuts!

My plan is to post at least once a week, but could potentially be more.


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