My new project


With the holidays fast approaching, I will have some downtime from work at last so I have set myself a project to try something a little creative.

I have picked up a cheapish transducer device which you place in water and hook up to 24v and it creates a mist effect. I found out about these devices because we bought an electric fire with Opti-myst flame effect, which has required maintenance every year since we have had it (I have replaced the transducer and fan 2-3 times since 2017).

I’ll be hooking the transducer and a fan (the latest one I replaced, unnecessarily, in the electric fire) through an Arduino. I may also hook a remote release for the camera through the same device. This will allow me to have pretty precise timings to see how fine a mist I can generate and hopefully shape with the use of the fan and probably some form of nozzle built into the lid of the small water reservoir I will create from plastic containers.

I am planning to use remote flash, possibly LEDs to light the mist to hopefully make it look like smoke/flame.

I have no idea how successful any of this will be but hopefully I will get some reasonable results that I can share here.
Ha, wow, that sounds pretty involved and impressive!
Be interesting to see some photos of the results (or work-in-progresses)!

(If you get some good mist/fog going you could plus it up with a “laser-show”-add-on :) )