Sony My outa the box experience with my new-to-me used Sony A7Riii

Nice day after a 1/4" of rain last night, so I went out to tend the fountains and take some pictures.
SOOC except for resizing smaller and cropping some what too.
The community plunge was crowded this afternoon.
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So after playing around with this camera for a few days, I'm liking it more and more. I think I did the right thing to put a manual lens on it to force myself to learn how to use it and get it set up more like my A7ii is. It has been my 'go to' for manual lens use for a long time now. Fact of the matter is, I should probably do that with all my cameras so I can switch easily from one to the other seamlessly. I'm in the process of buying film for it or the others [cards in digital speak] so I don't have a camera sitting around 'empty'. I need to experiment some more with my other manual lenses. The picture I took with my LTM Nikkor 5cm really blew me away, but I can't show it here. Now where's that Canon 35......and the Minolta 58.........
31.7mb's is small ;) Don't switch to the 60mp sensors :)

I had a look at that lens here in NZ. Never heard of it before. I'm an FD shooter only for MF . Interesting and still holds a decent price here.

But Danny, for you, a 200mm lens is an UWA ... :rofl: .

On a more serious note, it seems to me that Sony still hasn't worked out lossless RAW compression, and neither has Panasonic. Always strikes me as weird.
I would be interested to see how well my vintage Olympus lenses would perform on a Sony 7 III series camera, either R series or the normal resolution sensors.

If anyone has any experience, I would appreciate it.

My lenses are:

OM film lenses:

f/3.5 28
35-70 close focus
f/1.4 50
f/1.8 50
Tamron 70-150 macro
Tokina f/8 500 Maksutov mirror lens
Teleplus 2x focusing macro TC
I have used the 35 f2.8, 75-150, 50 f1.8, as well as the 28 f2.8, 50mm macro f3.5, 300,, f4.5, 100mm f2.8, 135mm f3.5. I have no complaints about any of them on my a7ii. Maybe the a7iii, with more resolution would pose a bigger challenge, but I have had nothing but surprising good luck on the earlier version I own. I've also used the 200mm f4 and 135 f3.5 with the Olympus 2X converter designed for them and been pleased, though the images were not as sharp as without the converter and there was some CA to contend with at times, easily dealt with in post.
Although, to be frank I don’t know how much it matters for most people. I’ve been shooting lossy compressed on my A7RIII for every day gee-whiz stuff and it’s fine. If I were shooting more critical stuff I’d switch it back, but for a walk around type day , no problem.