Samsung My Samsung TL500 goes to Washington

Laurel, MD
Last Friday I found myself in Washington DC with my family and my Samsung TL500/EX1, I learned 2 things

1.)The Samsung TL500 is a great street photography tool
2.)It is very hard to shoot street with your wife, kids, and 70 year old father around as one of them will always be in the frame

anyway here are some highlights


Hall of Mammals by eye of wally, on Flickr

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Bench by eye of wally, on Flickr

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Stripes looking at spots by eye of wally, on Flickr

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Smile by eye of wally, on Flickr

all of these were shot in RAW and processed with Adobe Lightroom 3. Which I have just upgraded to. With my old Lightroom 2 I would never go above 800 and prefered to stay at 400 or below with the TL500. The Noise Reduction is so much better with Lightroom 3 I can bump that up a stop to 1600 and 800 which means faster shutter speeds
Wally, I apologize for coming in late to your thread. That first one is my absolute favorite - The Hall of Mammals, and my runner up from this selection is your third - the mammals dressed in their "skins" looking at that giraffe. Great eye, Wally!!

As for your observations that second one made me chuckle.;)
Thanks, Wally


Thanks for your posts. As a fellow EX1 user, it's good to see someone out there making photographs. I especially like the pair posing: graceful gestures, sense of the moment, happy mood. The Hall of Mammals one is very amusing: I imagine the sitter worrying about the next mammal to come down the hall! Thanks also for your links: the Holga waterfall image on your blog is breathtaking: that's photography! Please continue to share; I will do the same soon.