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Leica My Travel Combo: 28 + 50


Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
Just got back from the U.K. and ended up sneaking the 35mm in my suitcase and actually used it for two of my days there. Most days, I would walk out of the hotel with either the 28 or 50 and not bother changing lenses.

I did carry a small bag with a second lens with me only at Hadrian's Wall, and switched frequently between 28 and 50 at the various Roman ruins.


Top Veteran
Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Some great images there; I love the composition of looking through the guard's legs at the other guard.

28 and 50 is my day to day combination, although when I travel, I like to take in 'everything', so a 21mm replaces the 28, and a fast 35 goes in the middle.

At one stage I liked the idea of having 25mm separating my focal lengths, so I would carry a 25mm, 50mm and 75mm. Seemed like a good idea at the time! 25mm seems right to me for a 'natural' width of view without the perspective distortion that comes with 21.


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
When travelling I mostly use a 50mm and have the ZM25 2.8 on the Sony A7RII. The good thing about these two bodies is that the Sony can take the M lenses with an adapter. I find the 25mm a bit too wide for me and it has a nasty pink vignette on the M240 but the only 35mm I have is the Voigtlander 1.2 which is rather cumbersome. I bought the Sony FE85 1.4 GM last year for a trip to Italy and it came in rather handy :)

luo yi

Jan 5, 2018
i take the ricoh gr ii in pocket, which is a 28mm equivalent. when travel, i take also the d700 + zf.2 35/2. this is a heavy combo. instead, i may take the d7000 + af35/2d, which is 52.5mm equivalent. this combo is light and compact and autofocus. the af35/2d is very good for sharpness, color, and quick focus speed…

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