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Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
I had my camera in hand as we walked along the road. I was admiring the light thinking about the next shot, when my wife suddenly stopped. She said "You weren't listening were you"!

I thought "That's a weird way to start a conversation"!

My wife very often points out possible shots she thinks I may have overlooked. I am capable of walking by an adult elephant and never noticing the animal. A number of years ago we were at Disney and heading over to Epcot for dinner. It was very hot and very humid and I declared a "photo free" evening as I wasn't interested in carrying any camera on my shoulder into the steamy environment.
On the way out from the restaurant she simply pointed to the "prop" that was directly in front of us and kept walking. Thank goodness for her keen eye, cell phones and more than a bit of luck.
. . . David
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