Leica My XVario related interview. Leica Camera AG


Feb 6, 2013
Rodrigue, congrats on the interview. Well deserved!

On the X Vario, it's by far my favorite camera too. Just wish I had more images from it of the caliber that you take - no there's nothing wrong with the camera, heh!


Dec 9, 2013
thanks Carl, appreciate your feedback. The XV is a camera that invites the user to always be taking pictures with. Glad you're enjoying it.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Rodrigue, I've been following your work with the XVario on various forums, as well as on your blog and am not surprised at all by Leica Camera AG's running a story about your and your experiences - and photos. I really enjoyed the piece and, as always, your pictures - of course!


Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
Everything I see from the XVario makes me think it may just be the idea travel camera. Sure, I would prefer a 24-50 f/2.8, but its likely they wouldn't be able to match the IQ with a faster lens even of reduced zoom range.

I just got back from a trip to Europe where I used both a Canon 6D and 24-105 f/4 and a Sony RX100 m2. The Canon with its 24mm end and outstanding high-ISO was exceptionally versatile, but damn that thing got heavy by the end of the day. If I had it to do again, I'd probably have bought an M9 and brought it with the 24/3.8 Elmar and 50/2 Summircon, kept the RX100 in a pocket and still been significantly lighter than just the 6D and its zoom. An XVario would also make a suitable 6D replacement, though I did find myself shooting architecture mostly at 24mm.

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