Micro 4/3 Myset 1 in Oly 5 Mark II

Antonio Correia

Setúbal - Portugal
Real Name
Antonio Correia
Here are my settings. For now, just "Myset 1" which I call SOS
Yellow Focus Peaking ON

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Antonio Correia

Setúbal - Portugal
Real Name
Antonio Correia
I own now two Oly 5 MkII. The last one I got in second hand but extremely well cared of. Only 1.000 shots !
What made me to buy a second 5II body is the possibility of exporting/importing the setting between cameras.
Only the 5MkII and the 1MkII have this feature, Not even the attractively designed Pen F...

The menus for have been hard to understand at the beginning. But after some time (perhaps I am bit dumb, after all...) I think it is complex yes, but very versatile and customisable.
I am ready - would be glad - to share with you my customisation files. How about that ?

When I received the "new" camera I headed to the computer to download the setting into the camera which had been previously uploaded from the older one.
To my surprise, not exactly all the settings were "eaten". For example, I use the rotary dial button to custom functions and that was not set.
I had to do it manually. Now, it is perfect ! :clapping:

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Yesterday while shooting with the most recent camera some doubts came to my mind. A few moments ago, I placed the two cameras side by side and passed through all the settings. For some unknown reason to me some setting looked like not passing. I may be wrong, yes. And what have I seen ?

The Release Lag-Time did not pass to the new camera. I have it set to Short.
The Copyright info is something you have to review as it has my address, name and so on...
The Selfie Assist was ON when I had it OFF. What do I want that for ?
Mysets had some minor issues which I corrected quickly.

Be aware that my Histogram Setting are 250 for Lights (not 250) and 5 (not 0) to Shadows.
I am sure that the Custom Function assigned to the Rotating Dial position doesn't pass !

At the back of each camera I have a reminder which can be seen bellow.

I hope all this gives you some info you may have missed. You are going to ask what the heck Opportunist is ! The camera is NOT that dirty ! :blush:
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I suggestion would be to use my settings ! Why not ?
I explain them:
iAUTO is used as Myset 1 and makes a reset to the items you may have jammed in M, S, A or P and need to reset everything to your starting point.
ART is used as Myset 2 and has the setting I like for shooting landscape. For example, aperture @ 4.5, low ISO, whatever...
SNC is used as Myset 3 and has the settings for portraiture: lens wide open, low ISO, center point for focusing and light reading...
The little square is used as the Myset 4 and is used when one needs to keep certain setting during a shooting session and need some consistency on the shots. It is flexible and used as Opportunist: used when necessary.
More setting are changed in the camera and they will be printed and glued as this one but these things take time to progress.
Hope this might be useful for someone hoping to be corrected if and when necessary !

Please try this link. Hope it works. If it doesn't please let me know.

Cheers !
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