Leica Native lenses for digital Leica Ms: some too deep?


For the digital Ms, are some native lenses not compatible due to back-element recess being too deep? I've seen a few Leica 28mm variants with quite a large distance for the rear lens to the mount - perhaps too large for the M8-M9-"M10"?
I know of an older Angulon that is not supposed to be used. I think the M5 and CL also had problems with it.

I use a J-12 on my M9 and M8. That ones works well, very recessed back element. I suspect it would not work on an M5 or CL due to the swinging arm.
The incompatible lenses are listed in the Owner's manual of the M8 and M9, they are available for download. I think they are in the M Monochrom manual as well. I have not read the M240 manual.

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