Leica Nature and Scenic with the Super-Vario Elmar T 11–23 mm.



Better hang onto that lens, Carl - the photos are outstanding.


May 14, 2013
NY Mtns
those are some nice photos. i especially like how you executed the last one. is it me, or do they have a very different look from the ccd digital m's? i dont know if its a more 'processed' look or just something i cant put my finger on--or my imagination. i'd be interested in your thoughts.

also, as i continue to consider on what if any camera to mount my much loved 21 elmarit pre-asph, i am considering the T. held one the other day and it felt better than i thought it would. any thoughts on how youre getting on with it, and if youve done any manual focus shooting?
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Feb 6, 2013
But I like the sun flare in this one, Dale. :) You're right though, part of making our best images is before the click, and part of it is after.

Tony, get the Leica T if there's a TL lens you want to shoot. I really like what I see from the 11-23mm. I haven't shot it with manual lenses.

The T output is much different than CCD camera output. I find CCD output easier to work with, and maybe a bit more capable of catching something special.

But the T's sensor is really good just the same. Perhaps on the cool side, both jpegs and raw. But that could be just what and when I've been shooting so far.

Shooting the T ... I'm OK with the camera interface, I leave it in Aperture priority most of the time. I like the traditional Leica interface better though. The aluminum unibody, It's fine. I'm not "wowed" by it or the rubber strap with locking pins.

But the 11-23mm, it's a great lens to shoot. I'm thinking about that 35mm f1.4 TL next ...

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