nature fights back

A bit of background first. A few months ago, (five or six), there was a fire in the ravine behind my house. In exploring around the ravine today I was struck with the fact that nature always comes fighting back.

These palms were completely bare just a few months back, now there are regrowing.

Close up of the burnt bark.

Not everything survived though. This unlucky one was cut down. However new palms are growing up in its stead.

A couple of shots of the inside of the palm that was cut down. I have never seen the inside of a palm tree before.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Dave, thanks so much for these and for the backstory, as well! I'm sorry I'd missed these earlier...though I had seen the closeup on another thread. It is amazing how these palms were already making their way back. Great title for this thread!

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