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Nature Photographer


Hall of Famer
Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Anyone here familiar with a publication called Nature Photographer? I picked up a copy at a local book store, and it's a nice publication, much thicker than most magazines and printed on heavy glossy paper, with many large high quality images in the articles, and the covers are thicker and stiffer than standard magazines. It's printed in Canada.

A couple of observations: of the dozens of images in the publication, two were from a Fuji X-T1, and all of the others were from either a Nikon or Canon DSLR (EXIF data is printed with each image). I have no idea whether that is by design or if nature photography in general just draws less mirrorless users. Second, one has to "pay to play", so to speak. A regular subscription is $24 yearly, and $82 gets you a "Field Contributor" membership, which gets you listed in the magazine as a Field Contributor, gets you a PIN that unlocks a private area of their web site with unpublished articles, and makes you eligible to submit photos and/or articles for publication. They say you'll be paid if you're selected for publication, but I didn't see any rates listed.

I'm wondering if this pay to play model is typical in the publishing industry. I took a pass on the idea, myself.

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