Ricoh ND filter question

Paul Giguere
May 4, 2011
Wayland, MA USA
I realized last night that the ND filter setting on my GR had been set to "On" in the "Shooting" menu along with the ND filter setting set to "Auto" in the "Setup" menu. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, has my ND filter been on for every shot I have made (since I realized it was this anyway)?

I find these settings confusing (at least based on how it works for the GRD4) since the settings appear in two separate menus with exactly the same name. At least as far as I now understand it, if the ND filter in the "Shooting" menu is set to "Off" but the ND filter in the "Setup" menu is set to "Auto", the ND filter will only activate if the camera detects that it is needed (I'm assuming in bright light with a large aperture). If the NF filter is set to "On" in the "Shooting" menu, then it is on all of the time regardless of the setting in the "Setup" menu. Is this correct?



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