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M. Valdemar

Aug 5, 2013
New York City
Get back to me in 20 years and tell me how terrible and limited small communication/imaging devices are. :dance3::dance2: (smartphones won't even exist as we know them)

(my kids are 8 and 10 years old. they speak and write Japanese as well as English. they think and write in "emojis" which is basically what Japanese writing is. they text in emojis. they are quite smart and not tongue tied. they are however, extremely intelligent 21st Century people and they can express their desires much better than I can with the symbology of their times) :bravo-009:

I'm a professional writer who is very adept with language. I hated emojis. Now I have embraced emojis (mostly because of my kids) and I have no qualms about smartphone cameras. I did not say the smartphone was the tool for every job. I merely said there was no reason for irrational dismissal of them.


gee aahrr
Jan 27, 2012
Los Angeles
Not that it meets the requirements but I love the X100F. Kinda large and without fold out LCD. The X-70 might fit but it sounds like you're wanting at least some focal range.

I think you mentioned Panasonic. The one inch sensor series looks pretty good if you don't like the Sonys. I was actually thinking about one but they don't have a hotshoe.

--------------two cents below - sorry.

Camera phone? No thanks.

Sounds cliche but for me it's a disconnect from a physical process that I really love. I like a proper shutter release and the feel of a body with a lens that points forward. An eye to a finder. Dials. Oh and rings.

I also like to smash my images in post. Not very regal but the truth.

And phones are more expensive now too.

I look at my sons iPhone X images and they look really good. He asked me about my X100T awhile back(iPhone 6s?) but not even a wink at my X100F.
He's a great photographer that never carries a camera anymore. A D750 that I used to laugh at when he carried it. Now maybe he's laughing at me.
I don't understand the prejudice against cell phone cameras. They are cameras. Lens, shutter, viewfinder, etc.

I think those who don't like them are being Luddites or have some issues of self-esteem. :popcorm2:

Just because they are built into a multi-function device doesn't make them inferior or any less of a camera.

I'm as much of a vintage camera nut as anyone else here (if you follow my other posts and threads. I like shooting with Leicas, Nikon rangefinders and Hansa Canons, etc as well as phones)

This is the same kind of talk that large format camera users hurled at Leica adopters in the early 1930's. "Not a real camera". "Toys". "Only for snapshots". "Small film format not capable of taking sharp photos"."The miniature camera cannot create art", etc. etc etc. The vitriol and controversy was endless.

If you read the old photo magazines of the era, it is quite enlightening.

It took WWII and the explosion of combat photography to finally kill that debate.

Actually, smartphones are the spiritual descendants of the original Leica. The Leica was loved because you could always have it with you, it was small and fit in a pocket, you could mostly "set it and forget it". It brought photography to the masses. In other words, a smartphone. Today, EVERYTHING is recorded. A tsunami of images. Good or bad, that is the de facto state of photography today.

In reality, what is wrong with smartphone cameras? Someone give me a valid and logical argument for poo-pooing them.

* With any modern digicam, you are not "making" pictures, you are "taking them". They are all very powerful little computers with a lens attached. :cool:

(and I bet you hate emojis too!!)

I agree. Although they may not have the flexibility of an ILC, modern cell phones can take pretty good images. Now I would never plan on shooting a wedding on a cell phone but for just being out and about, my cell phone is actually much better than the point and shoot I used to carry back in the early to late 2000's.
Can we stop this tangential rant about freakin' cell phones already? I mean, just because every 3rd grader has one doesn't mean they could ever replace a true camera!
Well, this original post was about what camera to carry around when not carrying a regular ICL and that IS my cell phone. I have several nice point and shoots that never get taken out anymore.

Some of the nicer ones are very capable of taking good pictures. (See my post on the last page)


Trying to focus
Dec 25, 2010
The Netherlands
Use whatever fits you and your purpose.

Emoji are perfect for a generation that cannot read or write long texts (even at the highest eduction level for teenagers in this country this is becoming a problem) or enjoy long winding books or movies. Everything must be compressed, so it’s effortless to grasp and you can swiftly move on. They do lead a turbo charged life. I use emoji to make a point with my son, to enhance the unlikely chance hat he’ll get my point. But I personally prefer well crafted texts, and love the nuance of written language.

Same with cameras.

I gave a very good travel zoom camera to my wife. She uses her iPhone, and even uses the finger zoom to further degrade the image quality. I couldn’t live with her images, but she’s happy with them since she only looks at them on her phone. Recently she printed one A4 size, and noticed it didn’t look all that great. Her solution wasn’t to use the camera, but to stop printing. Carrying a camera is too much nuisance for her. She wants something to effortlessly grab the scene so she can swiftly move on.

I don’t mind using slower focusing cameras that I need to carry along. It gives me a reason to buy bags (yes, plural) and slows me down. I like that.

So to each his own.
May 31, 2017
Central Florida
Timothy Williams
Look guys. I'm not going to use a phone. I do at work to send pics to City Hall, but I never even think of a phone as a camera. Sorry, call me what you want, it will not change my mind. WHY?.. I like the feel of a camera, the buttons and dials, the controls I have become to love. I have the XT20 and it along with the 18-55 gets the job done most of the time. I was thinking of a Canon or Sony P&S but I'm good where I'm at. I am the OP, move on from this and lets talk about photography.
May 31, 2017
Central Florida
Timothy Williams
I am sooooo behind you folks. My dilemma for my next trip to the US is which film travel camera to take with me: Bronica, F100, Minox 35, Minolta Freedom Dual, FE2...
Seriously. I am done shooting digital this time around.
I have thinned down my herd so that the F100 and Minolta Maxxum 7 get the call most of the time, but the hunt is still on for a MF. I can then be still.
May 6, 2017
I have thinned down my herd so that the F100 and Minolta Maxxum 7 get the call most of the time, but the hunt is still on for a MF. I can then be still.
You would love the Bronica ETRSi.
Hurry as prices seem to be going up rapidly.
I also have a GB Kershaw 450, great MF travel camera.
And a couple of Holga and Diana, fun but not my thing after all.


May 25, 2017
Northern New Mexico
Merlin Emrys
Try using the LCD of a smartphone (or camera) in the intense sunlight here. Impossible unless there is some shade, and even then it can be dicey. But the EVFs of my Fujis work wonderfully.


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Apr 3, 2013
The only time I use a cell phone camera is when I see a group of people trying to get a photograph together. I ask if they would all like to be in the picture and where do I press on the screen. When they ask to reciprocate, taking a shot of my family together- I pre-focus the camera and tell them just press the shutter release.

Cell phones are the 21st century version of the Instamatic. Silly to think that it killed photography, when it gets so many people taking photographs.

I use an olympus EPM1 for the "pocket camera", also a little Ricoh CX-1. Both bought originally for my wife, but she never really picked up on them. The newer Olympus cameras have tilt screens- of course that adds to the size.

M. Valdemar

Aug 5, 2013
New York City
I personally witnessed this true story more than 20 years ago:

So I was walking a little North of Union Square Park in Manhattan.

There was a young foreign couple, not speaking English. They were diddling around with the latest whiz-bang all-electronic camera.

They stop a sort of elegant/shabbily dressed guy with thick glasses and greyish hair; "You take our picture, Mister?"

"My pleasure", he says.

The foreign guy elaborately explains to the man with glasses how to push the shutter, how to frame a picture, how to make sure it's in focus, etc etc, in schoolbook English. "Keep the sun behind you, look through here."

The man with glasses recruited into taking the photo smiles, nods his head sagely when instructed how to take a photo.

The couple stands back, the guy moves the camera around a bit, takes four or five shots with the fancy little camera.

"Thank you, mister, thank you very much!" says the beaming couple.

Richard Avedon hands the camera back to them, says "you're welcome", and continues strolling uptown and turns the corner, disapearing out of sight........
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Trying to focus
Dec 25, 2010
The Netherlands
. If I want someone I do not recognize to take a photo of my family and myself, I will make sure they understand what to do with my camera so the photo comes out correctly.
I just put the camera in auto everything, point out where the shutter is, and hope for the best. Usually our heads are centered, much blue sky, and no feet. There’s art in that, I swear!

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