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This question is directed at film rangerfinder and rangefinder-esque camera nuts who have extensive knowledge or memory of cameras produced during the 60s and early 70s.

I had a rangefinderesque film camera which had a fixed lens and focal length, and a control ring for either shutter speed or aperture (or both) on the lens. It was completely silver in colour, no black at all (that I remember). It was manual focus IIRC, and had a viewfinder at the side (and I think, unlike modern cameras, it might have been on the right rather than the left... but... my memory is VERY patchy). I bought it sometime in the early 70s but I think it had probably been on a shelf for a while. I bought it before I bought my Minolta SLR (so pre 1973). I really liked it, but the lure of an SLR was too much. And I have NO idea where it went. I didnt sell it or give it away. It just wasnt there anymore after a while.

I know its not much to go on, but does anyone have a clue about what brand it might have been? I keep thinking it may have been contax or a similar name but... god knows... maybe just a noname brand... Or should I just relegate the memory to the dump and forget about it entirely.

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