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So this is the camera, the lens on it is the Skink Pinhole Pancake Pro for LTM. I loaded the camera with Kodak Tri-X 400 and I have heard that you can use the Zone Plate as long as it is bright out, handheld. So the Zone Plate is currently installed. Now the question, based on the specs given on that web site and my ability to shoot 1/25, 1/35, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500 (Bulb and Time)-- what setting should I use? I'm relatively new to this. Still learning the rangefinder itself, plus I go without meter so sunny 16 which I have not yet mastered.. so I am hoping some of you more experienced shooters can give me suggestions. I won't have to focus I will just have to gauge my light and the time the shutter is open.
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Hi Kristen,
I'm dumb as a board about stuff like this, but I took a look at that website you linked to. It seems they're discussing a few different "versions" maybe of that "lens" you have....maybe they're different inserts (?). Do you know what f-stop equivalent is? If you're using the "zone plate" it looks they are calling it an f/46.'s a handy exposure calculator..... Photographic Exposure Calculator for Available Light

Plug in the ISO of your film and the description of the amount of light you have and you'll get an approximate exposure. Hope that helps and good luck! Handheld looks possible under full midday sun.


Oops sorry I missed this.
But Luke's got it covered.
So long as Skink tell you the approx f/stop then a light meter should give you the right exposure details.
I suppose you will have to compensate for reciprocity failure at very exposures


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Thanks Luke.. yeah I am still learning this. I just can't peep an LCD to see if I got it right and that makes me uneasy like I will shoot a roll of nothing. There is some leeway with black and white so that may help me. You are correct in that there are three different inserts. The pinhole, the zone plate and the zone sieve. [Also got a LTM to M adapter with it] The zone plate allows the most light in so I thought I would work with that one first so yeah f/46.

Paul, I actually have a light meter, well a couple of older ones but admittedly I don't really know how to use them yet or if they are accurate. I might be able to compare them to my dslr to test them. I should at least dig one out so when I am out there I have something if my lighting changes. Thanks.

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