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Aug 20, 2019
Hey there!

I'm just starting out shooting film and I'm beyond excited.

In order to get a better understanding of what I like, I want to look at as much film photography as possible. In that connection I thought I'd ask you guys for recommendations for must-know photographers and/or any photo books any photographer with respect for himself must check out.

Thanks guys!


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
Saul Leiter worked with early color in a really attractive way. Fred Herzog is another in that vein. For B&W, I personally really like Daido Moriyama's grungy, super high contrast, it kind of abstracts his subjects into light and shadow in a cool way.


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Apr 3, 2013

I've had this series for over 40 years- worth having and reading if you have the shelf space.

Random Ebay Seller- but a great price.

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