Feedback New "Back" Menu Option in floating menu bar


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Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
For mobile users there is a new menu option showing up in your floating menu bar. :)

On Android devices there is a dedicated 'back' button on the device so it's pretty easy to just hit that to go back a page in your browser but on other devices and/or browsers it might not be as simple so now you can just click the 'back' icon in the floating menu bar to go back on page in your browser. It acts the same as if you selected the back button in your browser.

At the moment is just shows up on the smallest of devices, like phones, but based on any feedback it'll be easy enough to have it display on mid-size devices like tablets or even have it displayed all of the time.

A reminder for what the others buttons do while we're here.... :D
  • The 'hamburger menu' in the left brings up the full menu selections.
  • Your avatar up brings the menu for your account.
  • The envelope icon button is for viewing/starting your private conversations.
  • The bell icon button is for viewing your recent alerts.
  • The undo icon button is to go back a page in your browser.
  • The lightning bolt icon button is to view your listing of unread posts.
  • The magnifying glass icon button is to do a search.


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