New book: Malls Across America (1989)


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Kyle Krug
I may have to get this one for my wife for Christmas:

Photos from American malls in the 1990s to become a book - Imaging Resource

IR refers to them as "artless"... what do you all think?

[IR refers to these as 90s photos in the article a couple times, but the kickstart page says 1989 and some of the other photos say 1990...looks more like the twilight/death of the 80s, than the "90s", of course us midwesterners could lag a bit :biggrin: ]
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some look pretty good. Some look pretty mediocre. I think more people will buy the book as a shapshot of the style of the era than of a collection of great photographs. But that certainly doesn't mean that there weren't be some great shots in there. The book is, I think, an easy target for photographers who take themselves too seriously.

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