Canon New Canon S95 Help !!


Hello i have a new S95 canon on order and before it arrives would like some info from you S95 pro's.
Can you turn off the Flash to keep it from popping up in Auto Mode? And if so how do you do it. This little darling will be going to my wife and i want to set it up for her as she will not use the flash and subsequently will not get spoofed by the motorized pop up flash.
Also ordered the Flipbac rubber Canadian Grip G2 for the S95. Have any one of you fine folk used this grip and if so how do you like it?

Thanks in advance for all replies! Dennis.


Yes, you can turn off the flash in auto mode. On the control dial (back of camera) press the flash symbol (lightning bolt) once or twice till you see the negated bolt symbol on your LCD. This will ensure that the flash does not fire.

Don't know about the grip though.
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The flash may not fire... but does it stop it from popping up anyway? On the 200something, it would pop up no matter whether it was active or not, and on my fuji, it pops up even though I dont use flash.