Film New Cinestill 400D


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Looks like Cinestills plans to crowd-fund a new colour film - the 400D are exceeding expectations.

It'll be interesting to see some more sample images.
Anyone know if this is a from scratch formulation or is it just repacked/rebranded film stock?
Oregon Coast
Andrew writer thinks it's Kodak Vision3 250D without the remjet backing: A new "everyday" film from CineStill: 400Dynamic in 35mm and 120 format

The quote from Cinestill basically says it's "designed for still photography" and also "motion picture film" so I take that to mean it's not motion picture film that's been converted, but a motion picture emulsion applied to a specifically stills base. It looks really nice from the samples, but is at least starting out around $15 a roll, which is a bit painful, and Cinestill film all hits at above $10 a roll. Bit pricey, but in the absence of Pro 400H and similar expense of Portra 400, why not have something else? Can't be a bad thing.