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Jul 3, 2010
A couple changes around here, mostly for fun. Here's the new user title breakdown by # of forum posts:

User Title (Minimum Posts)
  • New to S.C. (0)
  • S.C. Rookie (10)
  • S.C. Regular (25)
  • S.C. Veteran (200)
  • S.C. Top Veteran (500)
  • S.C. All-Pro* (1000)
  • S.C. Hall of Famer* (2000)
  • S.C. Legend* (5000)

*Can use custom user title set here:

Avatars are now reserved for members with 100 or more posts and donors. If anyone sees a member asking why they can't upload an avatar, please help spread the word about this new requirement.

The other change made is that donors now have a separate designation of "Donor" listed under their user title rather than a single designation of "Site Supporter" replacing their user title.


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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
The use of the word 'donor' reminds me of when I used to work in human tissue donation, particularly brain donation for medical and scientific research. I would liaise with donors, clinicians, and researchers, and help facilitate the brain tissue donation process. Sometimes donors would prepare years in advance, it could be because they may have lost a loved on to a neurological disease and they want to donate their brain when they die to help scientists find a cure. Others, with the help of next-of-kin, decide to donate their brain tissue when their time is almost up, after having suffered from an extended ailment. Every donor I have had the pleasure of communicating with have had their own reason for being, and reason for donating.

On a much lighter note, on one occasion the head professor in charge of the tissue donation program had been on the phone organising a very important brain donation (important for reasons I will not go into here).

After the long phone call with personnel involved in the process, he ran into our office yelling: "I've got a brain donor!"

Except he didn't actually yell "I've got a brain donor!", because in his excitement what came out of his mouth before he could stop himself was: "I've got a boner!"

All hell broke loose in the office, some of us were rolling on the floor laughing, others tried very hard to maintain a straight face. The prof walked out, red-faced and with a sheepish grin.


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Jul 3, 2010
I've always been uncomfortable with "Site Supporter" because donors aren't the only ones who support the site. Now you've made me uncomfortable with "Donor". Thanks a lot, James :rofl:.


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Jul 3, 2010
I made one a couple years back, but my doner is not showing. No big deal.....just letting you know.
It's because you're a moderator now. Moderators donate more than money to the site so adding the donor label doesn't seem right. It's also the reason that I don't accept donations on either site from moderators on either site.

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Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Even the newspapers get it wrong nowadays. My father in law was a compositor at the Daily Mail for 40 years using "hot metal". He was a rough and ready South Londoner but he knew his grammar :)
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Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I've always been uncomfortable with "Site Supporter" because donors aren't the only ones who support the site. Now you've made me uncomfortable with "Donor". Thanks a lot, James :rofl:.
Lol. I don't care too much for the word donor, but I can't think of anything better. Ever though about using icons instead?

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