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This is exactly where I am coming from. I used to use the rear dial more. But Kyle told me about a technique using the front dial for shutter speed control because we shoot in the same manner. And I've shot that way ever since. Rarely using the rear dial for anything other than controlling the aperture on the 50-230.
Yeah. I don't think I'll ever shoot a different way, now. Went through phases... partially auto, then mostly manual but still auto WB, now all of it is manual.

I sometimes wonder if the manual WB is why all my newer stuff drifts towards having just a TOUCH too much purple / magenta. I look at old XT1 shots frm 2014 and 2015, when I let the camera drive WB, and it's pefect - no purple cast. But newer shots since then seem to have it. Anyway, I digress...