Ricoh New GR Apparently


Feb 13, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
I'm interested in seeing what it is they update/improve. While I've never used one, from all that I've read the only two real 'issues' with the camera are dust getting onto the sensor and poor white balance. I suppose they'll also add WiFi and probably increase AF speed, but other than that, the GR seemed just about perfect for its intended market.


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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I haven't kept up with the Pentax DSLRs, but since they are all Ricoh, I would expect any recent advancements that have been added to the recent Pentax DSLRs will be on a new GR. Incremental improvements to one of the greatest compacts.


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer

I am very, very, very happy with my GR. I cannot think of a more successful (for me) small single-lens camera. I have never encountered WB or dust problems, and I carry it pretty well every day (it is beside me now, in my briefcase). It wears an Acmaxx screen protector and front filter (which may be why I have not encountered dust issues...) I drove over my GRDIV and all it needed was £60-worth of new rear screen.

In the future, I don't want WiFi, or (shudders) a tilty screen. I would love a built in optical finder, even if it is squinty it would be better than nothing. I don't ever use the flash. I would appreciate a bigger sensor, just purely to get larger files when used in "digital crop" mode (which I use a lot, I confess).


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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
Yes, it seems the changes are likely to be incremental. Which means I expect to be holding onto my current GR. A switch to a 24mp sensor wouldn't do it for me. 16mp is just fine. Full phase-detection auto-focus? Maybe. But it'll have to clearly superior to the existing setup - and by quite a margin.
Jan 20, 2014
Launceston & Sydney
Nick Clark
I've had endless problems with dust, which is probably my only genuine complaint. Better build quality would be nice (the front dial is a bit average), fix the purple-splotch-flare when the sun's in the frame, and do something, anything, to improve the MF interface.

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Feb 3, 2014
Well, I bought all the other GRs when they came out, my obsession with them is such that I still have them all, so I may as well get this one.
My main wish is weather sealing.
I would buy two if there was a B/W only sensor version and a colour sensor version.


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Nov 12, 2010
there's weather sealing and waterproofing.

Weather sealing is possible with moving lenses; quite a few ILC's have telescoping lenses that are weathersealed. They have rubber rings on the edges of the moving parts (at least, the better sealed ones do; there's no real specification for weathersealing being published with these lenses; for instance Sony has at times called the a7 series and many lenses weathersealed, but it doesn't really compare to Pentax, Olympus, or CaNikon pro bodies' weather sealing).

Waterproofing, meaning it can be submerged in water, is not possible with telescoping designs, at least not at a price that's within reach of normal consumers. I'm not aware of any lenses past or present that do this.

As for the changes... they might go for a faster lens, just as they did when they moved from GRD2 to 3?


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Dec 15, 2011
I've never used a GR, but based on the comments I read about how they are used and how well they perform it sure doesn't seem like a big upgrade is needed.

What I'd like to see is for Ricoh or Nikon (if they update the A) or Fuji in the X100 series go full Sigma and give us a nice trinity of fixed lens cameras. 25mm, 50 & 100 (seems cool from a marketing perspective).

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