Ricoh new GRD3 user - excited about photography again


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Irvine, CA
I picked up a GRD3 recently and I've slowly transitioned to using it as my primary camera. I still shoot with an Olympus 4/3 dSLR, but it's gathering dust now.

some shots I've taken in the past month or so:




I worked on a Project52 (one picture a week for the year) and I'm seeing a lot more pictures for next year (2012) since the GRD3 is with me almost all the time...

I'm excited about photography again, but not for technical reasons. I'm excited because I can capture what I want, when I want, and how I want.

Forgot to add that I love the in-camera features of the GRD3. In-camera post processing such as white balance, levels, and cropping are really handy. I'm also digging the configuration - I can configure the buttons and interface just how I like it.


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I really loved the GRD IV.. but I thought I could use a little zoom for vacation. When I get back I might just get one again. Welcome and good to see you are enthusiastic about shooting now that you have new gear. It's a good pick me up I tell you.