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Sorry if this doesn't warrant a new thread, but I just received my long awaited GRD4 today and the grip is significantly greyer than it looks in photos I've seen on the 'net and in videos. It's almost like there's powder on it, but nothing's rubbing off of it as I handle the camera. It's a brand new camera from one of the two major camera retailers. Is this normal for a new GRD?

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I know the grip on the white GRD IV is gray as compared to the body but I have never seen it on the black IV, even the one I had was ALL black. Maybe it's something special or maybe you should see if you can speak to the seller at the very least to make sure that nothing is off? If you want all black tell them.


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I've had previous black GRD's, and the color of the grip was perhaps not quite as deep as the body, but it was still black. What would bother me more is not so much what I see in the first picture, but what I see in the second photo- the 2 grip pieces seem different color.

As long as the grip is firmly stuck to the body that's the main thing. But I would probably call up the store and ask them to check other GRD IV they have in stock, and exchange if they have a better looking one.

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