New Large Sensor Camera built by UK Developer - 60x "full frame"


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Ah mark, sorry to shoot down your theory but you've forgotten I don't drink alcohol ...
Fair enough. So then it must be down to the fix then.

Let this then serve as a Community Service Announcement that photo chemicals can be, and are, a harmful to your (mental) health.

Seriously Paul I don't know if the chemicals are, in fact, responsible for our Nutty Image Professor but I love some of your ideas. Love the pinholes and esp. love the use of 35mm film for this project. BRILLIANT! :2thumbs:


Jan 2, 2011
Well, some of it is driven by just using what I have to hand and seeing how it turns out, some by the financial imperative.

In this case, I happened to have the end of a bulk roll of very cheap film so I thought I'd see if I could do it.

Unfortunately, ordinary sheet film in this size is spectacularly expensive - I mentioned the cost of colour above, and that was only for Ektar, but even for black&white films, it's almost impossible to buy for less than £2/sheet in Europe.

There are limited alternatives - one can use Ortho-litho film, which is really intended for document copying and thus extremely high contrast, but can be used for pictorial work by using very low contrast developers. And X-ray film, with sufficient care can also be made to yield superb results. The former can be got from Freestyle quite inexpensively (but not once shipped to the UK of course after shipping costs, insurance, VAT and Duty). The latter is widely available and very cheap indeed in the US, but very expensive in the UK and once again prohibitively expensive to import.

Money is a major issue for me at the moment, so I'll be sticking to paper negatives for the time being, as I can often pick paper up for nothing from Freecycle & similar.

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