New member, old photographer from Cambridge Ontario

I have been looking around for a little while and decided to join. I took up photography roughly 50 years ago and transitioned from film to digital in 2002.

I have a fondness for primes. In the analog era, I was a hard core Pentaxian and my first DSLR was a Pentax. Ten years ago, I switched to Fuji for various reasons. My Sherpa days are over and prefer quality lighter setups. I enjoy travel and use my cameras for vintage golf events which is my other passion. I also have a Ricoh GRiii and GRiiix which are discreet and super light.

I recognize a few folks from another forum that I occasionally participate in and hope to make some new friends here.
Thank you all for the welcome. My image contribution will be limited at this point since a recent health issue has limited my mobility and the weather at this time of year does not help.
Sorry to hear that you're having health problems. It's isn't uncommon here, or on photography sites generally.
You’re more than welcome to post older photos. I’d imagine you have plenty of images to share as long as you’ve been shooting.
I agree with Bobby.

Many of us have archives dating way back. In my own case, to a scan of a photo I took in ~1954-1957.

My digital catalogue dates back to the early 2000s. I just post images that seem to me to be appropriate. When they were taken is largely irrelevant.