Sony New NEX-C3


The other thing is....
I don't think of my cameras as tools. I think of them as extensions of my vision. So, naming them keeps me in an artistic mood vrs a mood like work.
Even tho' photography is work, it's by choice and not by force for me.
It keeps the process more personal.

I'm nuts I know but it works for me.

It does work for you and I can't argue with the results. The images you produce are first-rate. So, do you choose cameras and lenses that fit your vision or is it the other way around; has your vision been shaped by the cameras you have used at some point in the past? In other words, did you create your vision or did you find it?
The Nex5 sensor is great as it is, but apparently the C3s' sensor is the same as the one on the pentax K5 and the nikon D7000...which is class leading regarding high iso.
I would really hope that AF is faster though. The fact that is more compact is also cool to me (unlike 90% of others).


See Travis it's like this....
I'm out making photos.... I miss the timing... It's easier to say...
Walker, what the heck is going on?
Or...X100, What the heck is going on?

Of course it's never my fault that way....

That's brilliant! :biggrin:

Maybe I'm daydreaming here, but wouldn't it be wonderful if they make full-frame NEX? :D I give them another 5 years before that becomes reality.

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