New! Olympus fixed lens camera - less than "FF" but bigger than 4/3!


Jan 2, 2011
As anyone who can be arsed to read my increasingly bizarre and ill-tempered posts has probably gathered, I'm not a great one for the latest-greatest technology, but recently I had the opportunity to acquire an Olympus camera with fixed lens, a larger than 4/3 sensor, although somewhat limited manual controls.

It is in the "PEN" series and as you can see is small, easily pocketable and damn pretty:



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Sep 14, 2012
Wow, that is probably the most retro look I have seen on a digital camera yet. Be interesting to see how people respond.


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Mar 27, 2013
A friend who was a professional photographer used to rave about these

I was a bit snooty about them at the time although doubling the shots did appeal to my pockets


May 11, 2014
So new it's old, or so old it's new. I should post a photo of the full frame olympus I have. Bought it for $30 at a garage sale....

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