Olympus New Olympus Serious Compact - with fixed Zuiko zoom lens

Perhaps they were forced to unveil something after all the buzz last night regarding Fujifilm's announcement. I like the very simple design. Not as stunning as the Fujifilm, but stealthy can be useful at times.

Edit - Apparently, this will be a small-sensor compact with a "fast lens" according to some rumor sites. I'll wait to see what the zoom range is and the max aperture for each zoom step. If they can make it smaller than the LX5, I might hold off on my Canon S95 purchase.

Isn't this great? The tech world has declared high-end small-sensor cameras dead because of mirrorless interchangeables, yet we have the S95, G12, GRDIII, GX200, S10 GXR lens unit, P7000, LX5/DL5, EX1, and now this!
I just read that it will be compatible with PEN accessories. This makes the PEN system more attractive now that I can use the expensive EVF on my compact and interchangeable camera. So many great options. Too bad we have to wait until next year for most of them!
Some more info and pics

Looks like this will be a 1/1.7 sensor digicam that in styling terms will go up against the LX5 and S95 in particular as the rumors suggest it will have a similar fast wide zoom.


Here's a side view of how skinny the Olympus "Serious Compact" is.


That knurled collar at the base of the lens certainly looks like it's begging to have a function assigned to it...
Wonder what Oly is going to offer to make it stand out from the growing crowd in this niche market? Maybe with WR construction??
It appears Oly has not listened to it's users.
There be a new kid on the block that's creating a whirlwind and will wash this thing away...
I'm just saying.....
Have to agree with you. Certainly for anyone who can have the funds and the interest, this new kid we expect to see in March sounds like a real winner. All that said, I am sure depending on price point there will be people who just won't be able to or want to spend the money on the Fuji X100 and if this Olympus does use some of the PEN accessories...maybe it will be a good choice for those already invested?
To give you an idea of the approximate size of this concept camera, I put it together with the E-PL1:


Images from DPReview.com

As you can see, it's not much smaller than the larger sensor PEN. However, it's much thinner which is more important when it comes to pocketability. There isn't a good profile view to see exactly how much thinner, but I suspect it will be similar to the LX5.

Here is my reference image:


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I assumed that the hotshoe combo cover was the same size and resized the E-PL1 press image accordingly. It may be a pixel or two off, since the the E-PL1 image is taken at a very slight angle. Also, I don't get much sleep during Formula 1 weekends.
Focus Numerique carried an interview with Yoshiyuki Oyama from Olympus. They asked him about this model but he wasn't overly forthcoming. He did say that "we can consider the model as fairly representative of the final design". He also said that the sensor would be "a larger sensor than the usual compact without reaching the size of the 4/3". The interview is here.

FN also interviewed Toru Katsumoto from Sony and asked him about Sony's lack of presence in this area. He said: "Nothing is certain, but for my part, I think we need an expert compact." Not overly committing himself but it seems like Sony might be considering entering this market too. That interview is here.
Thanks for both of these, Olli. Now I'll have more reading and mulling over to do.... Oh, Fuji where for art though?

P.S. I didn't realize they were in French.:redface: I'm afraid my French is not good enough for an easy read, so I will go on your overview, Olli.;)
My french is not so good either, I was sure if it was "do you want french fries with that" or "do you want a full frame sensor in that". Damn....