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Hi All,

Just joined the group--found out about it through someone on Flickr. Very excited to find such a group. I started my small, digital camera journey with the first Leica compact, then moved on to a Canon G9, and now use an Oly EP-2. I love street photography and the joy of always being able to have a camera with me due to the size. That's exactly the reason I've invested in serious compacts.

Been enjoying getting and using all different types of lenses with the Pen. Current fav is the 45mm 1.8. Have always preferred the Pany lenses but this one is an awesome addition from Olympus.


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Welcome aboard DFH! I believe we do have a number of Boston folks on this site! I may be paying another visit to Boston and Martha's Vineyard over Thanksgiving.

The 45/1.8 is indeed a gem of a lens. So small and yet quite the performer. I use it on my GF2, and love it!

Looking forward to seeing your photos!


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dfh, thanks so much for jumping right in with your intro and welcome to SC, from the New York metro area!

I hope you'll post some of your photos soon and make yourself at home - any questions just check out the Site Information section or post here and/or drop me a PM (private message).


Boston? isnt that somewhere by you BB....

Anywho.....a hardy welcome from (weather finally better) Arizona!
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