New Public Library - Oodi (very picture heavy)


Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
In Helsinki opened new public library at the city centre. We Finns respect our libraries very much and use them for multiple purposes additional to normal book lending.

(Sorry that pictures far from perfect, had first quick visit and took couple of snaps. Need to go later with more time to spend)

Wood is used heavily in the facade, of course

One can borrow e.g. sewing machine and other tools to work there.
There are also meeting facilities and studios for music, photography and video available for free. And gaming rooms for Web games and e-sport.

Architecturally it is amazing. Very nice place to stay

Places to hang around

Even to take a nap

And books

Secret room
Behind the shelves there is a story telling room for the youngest. It's hidden and can be opened outside if you just figure out how. These kids are just about to walk in, they know how to open the hidden shelf door. Nice detail, I must say

And refreshments and cafeterias for lunch, also

Or to just chill and enjoy the view. Towards Parliament, Music House, Finlandia Hall and National Museum, best views of the town, really


Code Monkey 🐒
Nov 3, 2018
Beautiful building and a library that I'd love to visit! Of course if I ever did make it to Helsinki the odds are pretty good then that my wife & I would end up spending all of our available time at the library. 😆

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