Fuji New Puppy - Fuji X100


Sunny Frimley
We have a new puppy, about 10 weeks old and I'm exhausted! It's like having a new baby in the house :rolleyes: He's a rescue dog and his name is Boden, after the catalogue!



Dublin ,Ireland
What a beautiful dog ! .. and pic !!! its great to get a rescue dog , I have one myself . Although I didnt get a pup as ive done that before and its hard work. I got mine at 14 months thinking the puppy stage was over I never thought about the behavoural problems so I had just as much work . Good luck with your new dog they are priceless!


betwixt and between
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:love: Boden is absolutely positively adorable!!!!!!!:cloud-9-039: I'm so happy for you all and for Boden the most because he's so lucky to have been chosen by you. I do know exactly what you mean about it being exhausting...and feeling as though you've got a new baby, Christina.

We got our puppy three years ago this coming April. I remember being in shock...since my previous dogs had all been with us until they were 14... One forgets the house training, but it will all be worth it!

I'm so glad you told us the story...having seen your earlier portrait I did wonder.:2thumbs:

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